Teachers Appreciation Day


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2023 Teachers Appreciation Day is supported by the following businesses.

        * Supported with cash donation or in kind donation


Please consider thanking them for their support. It means a great deal to a manager or owner to hear that their support is noticed and appreciated. Each link above goes directly to their email.


You can email them all at once at THIS LINK


Started in 2015 by D&M Coffee and Jerrol’s this is a program designed to share our love with our local Teachers. On Tuesday, September 26th, D&M Coffee, Corner Stone Pie, Jerrol’s and other select local businesses will donate a percentage of their sales to the Teachers Appreciation Fund. The entire list of participating businesses so  far is located below. The fund is distributed through Jerrol’s beginning the following Tuesday, 10/03. Each K-12 teacher who lives or works in Kittitas County that stops by receives a FREE $25 in purchases at Jerrol’s along with a 15% discount. It is first come first serve and school ID is required. If they purchase over $25 they still get the 15% discount on the entire amount.


The Teachers Appreciation Day Fund disbursement will begin Tuesday, October 3rd at 3pm.

All K-12 teachers who live or work in Kittitas County are eligible. School ID is required. If your school doesn’t have ID a simple note from your superintendent/principle verifying your status as a teacher is enough.


Jerrol’s will have at least $25 available for at least 100 teachers. This is valid on any IN STORE purchase or prepaid special orders at Jerrol’s. The teachers will also receive a 15% discount on their entire purchase. Teachers are welcome to purchase more than $25 with the 15% discount, and can buy anything they like.


We will offer both walk-in access and the ability to reserve your disbursement online and schedule a time to come into the store.


Scheduling for your visit will begin on Friday, September 29th. Text TEACHER to 1-877-558-2196 for a reminder!


It is first come, first served until the fund is depleted.


If you would like to be kept informed about online Teachers Appreciation Day reservations, the fund, and be alerted to the details for next year, text TEACHER to 1-877-558-2196 or email Order@Jerrols.com. You can also visit Teacher.Jerrols.com.